Cisco Revolutionizes Cybersecurity with AI-Powered Security Cloud: Unparalleled Protection and Seamless User Experience

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Cisco Revolutionizes Cybersecurity with AI-Powered Security Cloud: Unparalleled Protection and Seamless User Experience

In the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape and the growing skills gap in cybersecurity, organizations must rethink their security strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Cisco, the leader in enterprise security and networking, has unveiled a series of groundbreaking innovations within its Cisco Security Cloud, empowering businesses to safeguard their applications, devices, users, and data with unparalleled efficiency and agility.

Advancing the Vision of the Security Operations Center (SOC) of the Future

Cisco’s strategic acquisition of Splunk and the integration of their platforms are driving a transformative shift in security operations. By seamlessly integrating Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), organizations can now leverage the strengths of both solutions to create a more comprehensive defense strategy, enhancing their digital resilience.

Key advancements include:

  • Expanded XDR Integration and Threat Detection: High-fidelity alerts and detections from Cisco XDR, designed to identify the most common attacks like ransomware and lateral movement, are now seamlessly integrated into Splunk ES, accelerating investigation and remediation.
  • Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence: A game-changing solution for the SOC of the future, designed to revolutionize proactive risk mitigation through continuous asset discovery and compliance monitoring.
  • Cisco AI Assistant for Security in XDR: The unified Cisco AI assistant is now available in Cisco XDR, empowering security analysts of all levels to make faster, more informed decisions on evolving threats by providing contextual insights, guided responses, recommended actions, and automated workflows.

Protecting Against Unknown Vulnerabilities with Cisco Hypershield

In the current threat landscape, the time between vulnerability disclosure and exploitation is shrinking, and defending against the increasingly sophisticated and complex threats targeting data centers exceeds human scale. Cisco Hypershield, a groundbreaking approach to securing data centers and clouds, now introduces capabilities to detect and block attacks stemming from unknown vulnerabilities within runtime workloads. Suspicious workloads can be isolated to limit the blast radius of the vulnerability.

Designed and built with AI in mind from the ground up, Cisco Hypershield protects applications, devices, and data in public and private data centers, clouds, and physical locations, empowering organizations to achieve security outcomes beyond what is possible with human-only efforts.

Delivering Continuous Identity Security for Uninterrupted User Experience

As identity-based attacks continue to rise, security solutions must evolve beyond simply verifying if a user can access an application. They need to continuously evaluate whether a user should be able to perform a given action, all while providing a seamless user experience.

Building on the recent launch of Cisco Identity Intelligence, Cisco is integrating robust anti-phishing capabilities into Duo to realize its vision of Continuous Identity Security – stopping identity-based attacks while offering a frictionless user experience.

Key features include:

  • Duo Passport: Minimize disruptive authentication requests to provide uninterrupted access to everything a workforce needs without compromising security.
  • Cisco Identity Intelligence in Duo: Leverage powerful AI-based analytics to strengthen defense across your workforce identity infrastructure and assess and respond to identity risk before, during, and after login.


Cisco’s unwavering commitment to innovation and strategic acquisitions has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the cybersecurity landscape. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, leveraging the power of AI, and delivering a seamless user experience, Cisco’s Cisco Security Cloud is redefining the future of enterprise security, empowering organizations to stay one step ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

As Cisco continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity, businesses can trust in the company’s proven track record of protecting the world’s leading enterprises, including 100% of the Fortune 100 companies.

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