Kaminski’s Confessions on Podemos Hablar: The Heartbreaking Truth About His Estranged Relationship with His Son

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Kaminski’s Confessions on Podemos Hablar: The Heartbreaking Truth About His Estranged Relationship with His Son

The Anticipated Revelations

The much-awaited episode of the popular talk show Podemos Hablar is just around the corner, and viewers are eagerly anticipating the inéditas confesiones (unprecedented confessions) that Francisco Kaminski will make about the collapse of his marriage to Carla Jara. After the highly publicized and controversial breakup of the couple, the former Mekano star has already shared her side of the story, and now it’s Kaminski’s turn to take the stage and make some sorprendentes declaraciones (surprising statements).

Although the interview has not yet aired, Chilevisión has already released a preview, giving us a glimpse into the confesiones (confessions) that Kaminski will make to host Julio César Rodríguez.

Defending His Version and Protecting His Current Partner

In the preview, Kaminski is seen defending the version of events he has previously shared, asegurando que mientras estuvo con ella nunca le fue infiel (assuring that he never cheated on her while they were together). He also attributes the breakdown of his marriage to the fact that “dejé pasar el tiempo” (“I let time pass”). Additionally, he will come to the defense of his current partner, Camila Andrade, revealing how she has been affected by the negative reactions on social media.

The Most Heartbreaking Confession

However, one of the confesiones más impactantes (most impactful confessions) that Kaminski will make on Podemos Hablar is when he opens up about the triste panorama (sad situation) he is facing with his son Mariano. In a moment of raw emotion, the radio host will reveal:

“Lo más doloroso que me ha pasado es que mi hijo no me habla”

(“The most painful thing that has happened to me is that my son doesn’t speak to me.”)


This highly anticipated episode of Podemos Hablar promises to be a captivating and emotional journey, as Kaminski bares his soul and shares the verdades (truths) about the breakdown of his marriage and the devastating impact it has had on his relationship with his son. Viewers are sure to be left with a deeper understanding of the personal struggles that the media personality has faced.

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